My Mythical Meta ep. 31 - Tilt

My Mythical Meta ep. 31 - Tilt

The gang discusses that blinding anger that crowds one's judgment: tilt. What causes tilt, how does it affect you and your group, how can you recover from it, and how can you avoid it? It's not just pinball and poker! Tilt can strike anywhere!

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0:00 Pre-Show banter

2:35 Paul Atreides: Hero or Villain?

8:59 Special Guest Zendaya!

10:16 Intro to Tilt

13:32 What Causes Tilt?

25:17 Is Any Tilt Justified?

30:38 More Reasons for Tilt

42:01 Tilt Causes People To...

49:38 How Tilt Affects the Group

58:42 Summary

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