My Mythical Meta ep. 35 - Magic Decks that Win

My Mythical Meta ep. 35 - Magic Decks that Win

Benjamin and Derek dive deep into what makes their Magic: the Gathering decks a notch above the others in the Mythical Meta. This supplement to episode 34's deck building template when have you reconsidering your levels of ramp and card draw. Prepare yourself for a level-up lesson in deck building!

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0:00 Pre-Show banter

7:38 Intro to Building Decks That Win

11:19 Derek's Process

21:31 Benjamin's Process

34:44 Phyrexian Arena vs. Sign in Blood

36:56 Green Card Draw

38:34 Budget and Suboptimal Cards

44:46 Lessons on Ramp

51:03 Lessons on Card Draw

54:07 Your Themes

58:29 Categories and Manacurve

1:02:48 Tutors and Fast Mana

1:07:55 Summary

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